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What does Mühlbauer Parts & Systems stand for?

Mühlbauer Parts & Systems consists of four companies spread over three locations: MPS Roding GmbH and MBO GmbH in Roding, MPS Stollberg GmbH and Mühlbauer Technologies s.r.o. in Nitra. All four companies have one thing in common: the claim to manufacture parts and systems with the highest precision and to the fullest customer satisfaction - and this for over 40 years.

We focus on complete solutions with full responsibility, starting with raw materials, parts production, surface treatment and system assembly through to logistics.

For what we stand for


Values of the Mühlbauer parts & systems




Our employees are our key to success. Only with their qualification, competence, skills and motivation are we enabled to manufacture parts and systems of required quality and quantity.

We offer our employees various additional benefits, such as company pension, further training, flexible working hours. As a large training enterprise, we take actions to always ensure that we have the best professionals available.

We offer committed employees real opportunities for advancement through further training courses such as the business administrator or the engineer program. Because only those who enjoy their work perform well. And that is in the highest interest of employees, companies and customers.



Mühlbauer Parts & Systems is committed to precision. Our company has stood for the highest precision for over 40 years. Especially in key industries of the future such as medical technology, aerospace technology or metrology, parts of the highest precision are the key to the success of the project. This is ensured by our qualified employees and our modern machinery.

A well thought-out quality management system before, during and after production makes a decisive contribution to this. As supplier of assemblies, our customers appreciate mainly our quality, the reliability and correctness. Moreover, sustainability and responsibility are equally important to us.




Over 1000 employees in four enterprises at three locations are responsible for the large manufacturing capacities with high flexibility and dynamics. One great advantage of the Mühlbauer Parts & Systems is vertical integration at simultaneous speed. We see ourselves as supplier of assemblies and systems and we are able to carry out all working steps in-house.

Take advantage of synergy effects thanks to our surface technology and the Mühlbauer Group. Short production routes and official channels enable us to deliver your parts and systems as fast as possible. That is why we are unique and manufacture at such speed. We are particularly known for the diversity in manufactured building parts.



Place Roding


The seat of Mühlbauer Group and MPS Roding GmbH is – as the brand name suggests – in Roding. The location in the eastern parts of Bavaria near the Bavarian Forest is not only scenic, but also well connected in terms of transportation.

Regensburg is only half an hour away, the international airports of Munich and Nuremberg are reachable in about one and half hours. Roding is the second biggest city in the district of Cham and at the same time the industrial and commercial center in the area. The city is one of the fast-growing regions in Bavaria.

As a modern business location, the city offers many jobs and apprenticeships and enables employees to realize their dream of owning their own home through many residential areas.

mbo top picture

Roding MBO

MBO GmbH, founded 2010, is the in-house surface technology of the Mühlbauer Parts & Systems Group and is directly connected to the production in Roding.

MBO not only refines its own products for the Mühlbauer Group and MPS Roding GmbH, but also serves a large number of its own customers with a wide variety of surface treatments.

Get an insight into our manufacturing here!

Place Nitra


Nitra is the fifth largest city in Slovakia with about 84,000 inhabitants, located about 80 km to the north east of Bratislava and about 150 km away from Vienna. The Nitra River of the same name flows through the city, and Mount Zobor towers on its northern side. Together with Bratislava, Nitra is one of the oldest cities in Slovakia.

Today, Nitra is a center for economy, culture, education and sports in the region, and thanks to the Agrokomplex area, also an international center for exhibitions and events. Nitra is a city of young people, and has two universities: the Philosopher Constantine-University and the Slovak University of Agriculture.

Place Stollberg


Founded in 1997 in Stollberg (Saxony), MPS Stollberg GmbH is located exactly in the center of the economic region Chemnitz-Zwickau.
The federal highway 72 and the main roads B169 and B180 provide ideal logistic conditions. The airports of Leipzig and Dresden are about 90 km away.

MPS logo MBO logo

MPS Roding GmbH

Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1, 93426 Roding

Telephone: +49 9461 952-2300


Josef-Mühlbauer-Platz 1, 93426 Roding

Telephone: +49 9461 952-2400

Muehlbauer Technologies s.r.o

Novozámocká 233, 949 05 Nitra-Dolné Krškany, Slovakia

Telephone: +421 37 6946-000

MPS Stollberg GmbH

Albert-Schweitzer-Straße 4, 09366 Stollberg/Erzgeb.

Telephone: +49 37296 6993-0


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