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Our technological superiority and diversity are our biggest advantages. This is also the reason why medium-sized companies and renowned large corporations from the fields of mechanical engineering, environmental and energy technology, the semiconductor industry, food technology, aerospace, medical technology, mobility, motor sports, defense technology, tool and mold making and industrial measurement technology have trusted us as a partner for many years.

Thanks to our broad industry expertise and the combination of all technologies under one roof, we are able to react flexibly to market fluctuations.


Environment & energy technology

With 40 years of experience, we offer you a wide range of components for environmental and energy technology:

  • Mobile, scalable air filter systems for pollution control
  • Modules and systems for waste gas or flue gas purification technology
  • Rolling systems for wastewater treatment
  • Components and precision parts for wind turbines

We guarantee flawless prototype and series production, including surface finishing and not to forget, complete documentation of the manufacturing process.

Semiconductor industry

We take pride in our contribution to the automation of this industry in particular, we offer a wide variety of components and systems:

  • complete cladding sets including coating (ESD powder)
  • high-precision, or even ground precision parts
  • sub-assembly with electronic wiring
  • ISO class 7 clean room assembly

In addition to manufacturing according to the customer sketch-design, we can also develop the product in cooperation with you.

Aerospace technology

This branch of industry has gained a lot of importance in Germany, which is why many well-known companies trust in the quality and reliability of our company!

We produce a wide variety of parts and systems for you:

  • Landing gear & drive elements for aircrafts
  • Systems & components for satellite communication
  • Structural & precision parts for launchers, as well as guided missiles

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Pharma & Medical Industry

Our vast experience of over 40 years, in this field enables us to promptly and effectively respond to your project requirements. From the development of your desired product, to prototype production, to the complete documentation of the entire manufacturing process, we aim to deliver.

We guarantee your constant competitive advantage through:

  • Prototype and series processing
  • Module and system assembly
  • Clean room assembly ISO class 7
  • integrated surface finishing
  • Construction Support

New Mobility & Railway Industries

How will we move tomorrow? In view of climate change, there is constant talk of the need for a transport revolution.
The conversion of this complex network of cars, bicycles, public transport, infrastructure and much more is a major challenge.
There is (still) widespread disagreement about the "how". What is certain, however, is that the change in transport will have a significant impact on the shape of the city and everyday life.

Join us on the way. We offer you the solution for reliable systems and components to:

  • Light rail and tram systems, metro systems and APMS
  • Regional and high-speed trains, and locomotives
  • passenger coaches and electric buses

For more information contact us now!

Security & Defense Technology

Peace and security in the world are the foundation of stable societies and a successful economy that gives people prosperity and prospects.
We contribute to this with a wide range of components:

  • Automatic border control systems (Fast Gates, CheckIn)
  • Precision parts and systems for information systems, control and communication
  • Components for land, marine and aviation systems

Filling & Packaging Industry

The increasing world population poses more and more new challenges for food technology!

We offer you the complete value chain from design to commissioning of finished assemblies:

  • Components for conveyor technology in the field of filling plants
  • Complete machine cladding for a wide range of applications
  • Agitators for grinding plants
  • Deep-drawing moulds for containers in contact with the production process
and industries that don't even exist yet! Let's create the future together!



And industries that don't even exist yet! Let's create the future together!



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