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High Tech Support


We support you at every stage of the product lifecycle – from development via assembly to on-time delivery. You decide when we enter the process –during conception, design, modeling, or at any later stage.


The market success of a product is determined in the early development phases. Since our services are typically used in the early stages of the product life cycle, we are very familiar with the key success factors of a new product:

  • definition of the approval-relevant specifications and integration in your project management
  • Clarifying the classification of your product
  • Ensuring regulatory requirements are met during the development phase
  • interpretation of harmonized standards and practical implementation
  • support of development by partner companies (e.g. surface treatment)
  • performing and monitoring product tests

We help you turn your ideas into reality, develop concepts based on your requirements and specifications, and realize 3D modeling.


Here, the focus is on the optimization of concepts and existing products with regard to their manufacturing costs, e.g. through alternative manufacturing processes, materials or adaptation constructions. In the component optimization, acute problems from the market, or the production are addressed and repaired. "Thinking outside the box" and a sharpened eye for the most effective methods are important approaches to find simple and higher quality solutions.


At our company, prototype production takes place in proven individual steps, which are accompanied and monitored by our experts from the areas of design, programming and work planning. As soon as models and simulations have been validated, the process-technical representability of new material concepts is tested and the series product is depicted. As a development partner, it is our task to support our customers throughout the entire planning and production cycle. Prototype production is therefore concluded with an evaluation and consultation about costs and quantities.


As a service provider also for technical documentation, we adapt quickly and fluidly to your requirements and wishes. From user manuals for consumer goods to the complete technical documentation of a process plant: The implementation of small and large – even international – projects is our daily practice. The quality of our services, reliable processes and the satisfaction of our business partners are our top priority.


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